Trends Lunch: Materials and Color for 2018

Hallmark’s Trends Studio leaders will be discussing overarching color and material trends that are relevant in the 2018 marketplace. You will gain a new understanding of how trends are influenced by the world as a whole and why they make sense for today’s consumer.

Lunch will be provided (advanced registrants only).

Melissa Donoho, Creative Trends Strategist 
Melissa Donoho is the Trends Strategist for Hallmark Cards. In this role, she’s responsible for developing the company’s yearly Trends Forecast — which identifies impactful shifts that are emerging culturally and creatively. Her vast knowledge and experience with color, pattern, art, and cultural behavior and influence are the basis for her research missions. She synthesizes these insights into tangible and relatable assets that influence Hallmark product development, store design and marketing. Generally forecasting 2 years ahead of the current trend curve, Melissa leads a team of designers and writers that helps bring this mix of insight, intuition and research to life in a 200-page publication. In her more than 100 presentations this past year alone, Melissa has shared this work in a variety of formats to the Hallmark creative and business organizations, while also tailoring it into reports that uniquely relate to current and prospective Hallmark business partners and other creative organizations. She also regularly appears in a variety of media outlets, offering her viewpoints on the ever-changing world of cultural trends.

Lindsay Tippett, Senior Trends Designer
Lindsay Tippett is a Senior Designer at Hallmark Cards. She currently exercises her love of research, innate understanding of color, and insight for emerging trends as a senior designer in the Trends Studio. She identifies emerging cultural trends (big, world-changing societal shifts) and creative trends (visual directions influenced by these shifts) then translates these insights into strategically relevant trend focused forecasts and trend artifacts. Lindsay is also tasked with creating presentations, programs, workshops and seminars to share-out the trends to the creative organization. On the weekends, you can find Lindsay in the aisles of a home improvement store dreaming up house projects or on a patio sipping margaritas with friends.

Special thanks to Hallmark designer John Dunne for the event graphics. 

When & Where
Tue, Sep 26, 2017 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CDT
Center for Architecture & Design
1801 McGee Street
Kansas City, MO 64108