2018 AIGA KC Mentorship Program – Spots Filled

The inaugural AIGA Kansas City Mentorship Program is a place where seasoned creatives and emerging talent gather to encourage open dialogue, share career advice and provide networking opportunities.

What it Is

The mentorship program is an amazing way to get involved in Kansas City’s rich design community and help make it even stronger. Sessions could include studio tours, designer talks, workshops, and portfolio reviews. 

Mentor groups are comprised of professionals from a spectrum of creative fields and career levels. Participants include professionals from interaction designers to illustration, and from students to creative directors.

How it Works

Our program will last 10 weeks, consisting of 4 small group sessions (8 mentees in each small group) and a wrap-up gathering. During the course of the program, you will meet with your group every two weeks. 

2018 Program Schedule

Week of March 3rd | Group Session #1
Week of March 19rd | Group Session #2
Week of April 2nd | Group Session #3
Week of April 16th | Group Session #4
Week of April 26th | Wrap Up Event

The cost to participate? Your time! The program is free for AIGA members and non-members alike, but we ask that you commit your time to the full 10-weeks to make for the best experience for your whole group.

Potential mentees choose to join one of three groups within the program, each focusing on different stages in a designer’s career:

College Sophomores/Juniors
Mentors: Sam Yates & Chris Meier

This group is just starting to get their portfolios and websites together. They are curious and excited to learn about different career paths and are open to experiencing as much as possible.

Potential Sessions/Topics:
• Career Path Advice
• Advertising/Design Firm 101
• Group Portfolio/Website Review
• Studio Tours

College Seniors
Mentors: Megan Collins & Mo Corless

This group is working on polishing up their portfolios and resumes and beginning the overwhelming journey of job hunting.

Potential Sessions/Topics:
• Group Portfolio/Website Review
• Resume/Cover Letter Working Session
• Interview Tips
• Job Hunting Resources
• Self Promotion

1-4 Years Post Grad
Mentors: Matt Wegerer & Whiskey Design

This group may or may not have a permanent position. They are seeking advice and information on finding the right path for their young career.

Potential Sessions/Topics:
• Networking & building your career
• Career options within design
• Finding your creative voice
• Interview skills


Applicant preference will be given to current AIGA KC members. If you aren’t a current member, sign up here

To sign up, please email Megan Collins at education@kansascity.aiga.org.

Published January 27, 2018