Leadership Team

President: Sam Yates
President-Elect: Eric Winter
Treasurer: Holly Hayden
Director of Operations/Secretary: Megan Collins


Vice President: Liz Braverman
Director of Communications: Larry Fulcher
Associate of Social: Alicia Blair
Associate of Copywriting: Liz Botts
Associate of Graphics: Chris Meier
Associate of Communications: Mara Paulson
Associate of Communications – Documentarian: Zach Schutte


Vice President: Andrea Herstowski
Director of Education: Taylor Bolls
Director of Mentorship: Jamie Housch
Associate of Education/Mentorship: Khyneesha Edwards
Associate of Education: Y Pham
Associate of Education: Gabby Smith
Associate of Education/Explore Design: Jordan Cronin
Associate of Education – Student: Nikky McCormick


Vice President: Sarah Pence
Director of Competitions: Alicia Kramme
Director of Gala: Elisa Martin
Associate of Gala: Julie Sikonski
Associate of Gala: Jeremy Murray
Associate of Competitions: Jenny O’Grady
Associate of Competitions: Eddie Woolsey


Vice President:Ashley Tebbe
Director of Programming: 
Heather Fatino
Director of Programming: Patrick Stone
Director of Programming:
 Lila Symons
Associate of Programming: Jessica Janasz
Associate of Programming: Liz Hixon
Associate of Programming: Lauren Carmack
Associate of Programming – Project Manager: Nicole Teufel

Community Engagement

Vice President: Abby Woolsey
Associate of External Programming – KCDW: Grace Speicher
Associate of External Programming – KCDW: Margaret Bedwell
Associate of Community Engagement: Olivia Feathers
Associate of Community Engagement: Annie Frisbie


Director of Membership: Lauren Carter
Associate of Membership: Lauren Black


Director of Sponsorship: Kristine Deininger
Associate of Sponsorship: Audrey Overcast

Diversity & Inclusion

Director of Diversity & Inclusion: Edwing Mendez
Associate of Diversity & Inclusion: Austen Gnad
Associate of Diversity & Inclusion: Derick Lopez

Legacy Committee

President-Emeritus/Director of Legacy: Kelly Ludwig
Associate of Legacy: Ann Willoughby


Advisory Committee: Julianne McCarthy


Questions? Contact president@aigakc.org


A Design Community
1801 McGee Street, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64108

“Design is thinking made visual.”
–Saul Bass

New Members

randall bennett
May 28, 2020
thomas besgrove
May 26, 2020
Rachel England
May 26, 2020
Tina Prabhakar
May 26, 2020
Sabrina Theodoroff
May 22, 2020
Ron Arens
Group Member
May 13, 2020