President: Kelly Ludwig
President Elect: Julianne McCarthy
Director of Administration: Sam Yates

Chapter Development

Treasurer: Holly Hayden
Director of Membership:
 Jessie Lueck
Associate of Membership: Lauren Carter
Director of Sponsorship: Rachel Cohen
Associate of Sponsorship: Kristine Deininger
Director of Diversity & Inclusion: Luis Garcia
Associate of Diversity & Inclusion: Edwing Mendez
Associate of Diversity & Inclusion: Sofia Chavez-Barroso


Vice President: Liz Braverman
Director of Communications: Larry Fulcher
Associate of Social: Alicia Blair
Associate of Copywriting: Liz Botts
Associate of Graphics: Chris Meier
Associate of Graphics: Jea Reece


Vice President: Lisa Maione
Director of Education: Taylor Bolls
Associate of Education: Daniel Held
Associate of Education: Jamie Housch
Associate of Education (Explore Design): Jordan Cronin
Director of Mentorship:
Megan Collins
Associate of Mentorship: Mara Paulson


Vice President: Sarah Pence
Director of Entries: Alicia Kramme
Director of Gala: Elisa Martin
Associate of Competitions: Kylee Alvarez
Associate of Competitions: Julie Sinkonski
Associate of Competitions: Eddie Woolsey
Associate of Competitions: Jenny O’Grady


Director of Programming: Lila Symons
Director of Programming: Kelly Castor
Director of Programming: Ashley Tebbe
Associate of Programming: Patrick Stone
Associate of Programming: Jessica Janasz
Associate of Programming: Audrey Overcast
Associate of Programming: Liz Hixon

Community Engagement

Director of Kansas City Design Week (KCDW)/Made in the Middle (MITM): Abby Woolsey
Associate of KCDW: Grace Speicher
Associate of KCDW: Margaret Bedwell
Associate of MITM: Mckenzie Marston


President Emeritus
Spencer Branham


Advisory Board
Lindsay Beansmith, Eric Winter, Emmy Rice
Questions? Contact president@aigakc.org


A Design Community
1801 McGee Street, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64108

“Design is thinking made visual.”
–Saul Bass