Connect, Create, Cultivate: AIGA KC Mentorship Program

AIGA KC is excited to kick-off its third annual mentorship program “Connect, Create, Cultivate.” The initiative partners students or young creatives with skilled professionals. This one-on-one format allows for personalized sessions and the chance to build authentic and lasting relationships over the course of the program and beyond. 

In order to get the most out of this experience, we encourage mentor-mentee pairs to communicate about twice per month (roughly five hours total). It’s up to each pair to determine how they’d like to do this. Whether it be a phone call, coffee break, office meeting or studio tour, the goal is for individuals to create their own experiences and to walk away from the program feeling that they’ve grown in some way. 

Different from previous years, “Connect, Create, Cultivate” will provide yet another opportunity for engagement. In addition to one-on-one activities, we also plan to host a series of informal meetups that all participants are encouraged to attend. Each mentor-mentee pair will be assigned to a larger group that can meet during these sessions, further facilitating connection among peers. The hope in including both one-on-one as well as group programming, is that we will create a greater sense of community wherein to build meaningful networks.  

Involvement in “Connect, Create, Cultivate” is a great way to become active in and help to further strengthen Kansas City’s dynamic design community. With participants from an array of creative fields and career and educational levels, we hope this serves as an opportunity for both mentors and mentees alike to meet, learn, grow and give back while building sustaining relationships.

We are currently full on mentees and mentors. Be on the lookout for updates coming soon.

Published September 30, 2019