Branding that Beats the Algorithm

Riley Brain, founder of Wandering Bud, had a dream to bring aesthetically-pleasing smokeware into the home for the design-conscious cannabis consumer. Join us to find out how she did all that and then-some, tackling algorithms, beating the odds in a male-dominated industry and fighting social injustices along the way.

Wandering Bud's Story

Founded in 2016 by Riley Brain, Wandering Bud began after an unsuccessful search for a pipe or bong that could be seamlessly displayed alongside art objects in her home. During Riley’s time away from her job as a teacher, she formed pipes from clay in her basement. Nearly six years later, Wandering Bud has grown into an internationally-recognized brand that employs a small team of artists in Kansas City, Missouri.

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When & Where
Thu, Mar 30, 2023 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CDT
Wandering Bud
4446 Troost Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64110