Creative Boot Camp

Drop and give us twenty concepts! Join Callahan Creek creative director and author Stefan Mumaw for a lively 90-minute workshop designed to exercise your creative muscles and train you to generate ideas in greater quantity and quality.

This workshop is a succinct live version of Stefan Mumaw’s new book and training program, Creative Boot Camp: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity & Quality in 30 Days, which hits stores in early December. By attending, you’ll be the first to get your hands on the book and a taste of the daily creative training it has to offer.

From serious creative inflection to comedy improv techniques, bootcampers will put process into practice through the lens of short, crazy creative exercises performed at their butcher-paper-covered tables.

Attendees will be given a creative exercise to begin the session. Stefan then elaborates on the key characteristics of daily creative training, identifying obstacles to effective creative output and breaking down ideation into digestible steps. At the end, a final exam exercise is administered that will prove, once and for all, that we are all able to generate ideas in greater quantity and quality with just a little creative training.

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001