Letter Together: A Hand Lettering Workshop

SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for more workshops.

This members-only hand lettering workshop will be facilitated by Lisa Rogers and Jim Fedor—two highly regarded artists in Hallmark’s Lettering Studio.

You’ll start the day by enjoying coffee, breakfast snacks and mingling. Then, you’ll rotate between two workshops taught by each instructor.

We’ll be providing newsprint, tracing paper, and Bottle Higgins Eternal Ink. You’ll need to bring:

-Sketchbook (atleast 8x10)
-Pentel Cartridge Brush

What you might consider bringing:

-Any nice brush that has a point: sable pointed brushes (Scharf, Raphael, Windsor Newton) large sizes like #6

-Scraps of paper 11x14 or bigger
-Bienfang 315 marker paper

Saturday March 14 | 9:00 AM | Center for Architecture & Design | 1801 McGee, Suite 100 | KCMO

James H. Fedor
Senior Lettering Artist at Hallmark
Hired on in 2005 after being in the world of publishing, graphic design and his own lettering studio for 30 years. Was an official calligrapher for the 2002 Winter Olympics, lettering the winning medal certificates. Taught lettering design at BYU and SLCC. Elegant scripts are his passion though lettering in general is his bread and butter

“I am sort of an autodidact when it comes to lettering— no formal training, no classes. In 1981, while working for an ad agency, I saw the beautiful hand-drawn scripts of lettering artist Maurice Scanlon. It was as if the clouds parted over my head and a glorious ray of light shined down and whispered, ‘this is what YOU are—a script lettering artist!’ I read his book “Lettering Spencerian Roundhand,” practiced like a man possessed, and haven’t stopped since.”

Lisa Rogers
Lisa is a Senior Lettering Artist at Hallmark Cards with many years of experience. She has a wide range of styles, using traditional and drawn forms.

Classically trained in calligraphy, hand lettering and typography, she has taught workshops in Kansas City and Ohio, including classes at Columbus College of Art and Design.

Originally a fine arts major, she has recently returned to painting, having her first gallery show in 2014.

When & Where
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