Let’s Talk: AIGA KC’s 2nd Annual Mentorship Program

AIGA KC is thrilled to kick-off of its second annual mentorship program “Let’s Talk.” Learning how to navigate the professional world is a difficult and overwhelming step for young designers and other creatives. Often, just being able to talk through things with someone “who’s been there” can make all the difference. This program brings together seasoned creatives and emerging talent – both students and young professionals – to encourage open dialogue focused on professional and personal development, share career advice, and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Regardless of whether you’re a mentor or mentee, involvement in “Let’s Talk” is a great way to become active in and further strengthen Kansas City’s dynamic design community. Participants will come from a spectrum of creative fields and career and educational levels providing outstanding opportunities for all those involved to meet, learn, grow, and give back.

How it works:

  • The program will partner young creatives (college sophomores up to graduates four years out of school) with skilled professionals in a one-on-one arrangement allowing for personalized sessions and the opportunity to build authentic and lasting relationships over the course of the program and beyond. Mentors will be encouraged to listen closely and talk candidly with their mentees, planning sessions most relevant to their specific needs. These might include studio tours, designer talks, workshops, portfolio reviews, etc. Over the course of the year, there will also be larger group meetings and events to network and engage.

Expectations and Timeline:

  • Although there is no official time requirement, in order to get the most out of this experience, we ask that each pair try to communicate about twice per month (roughly five hours total). Whether these sessions take the form of a phone call, coffee break, or office meeting is entirely up to you. The ultimate goal is that each person walks away from the program feeling like they’ve grown in some way. Whatever it takes to achieve that – we deeply encourage.
  • “Let’s Talk” kicks off in October 2018 and lasts through October 2019. It will consist of both one-on-one, as well as larger group meetings and events focused on mentorship and personal development. 


  • Spots are limited, so make sure to apply early.
  • Preference will be given to current AIGA KC members. If you aren’t a current member, sign up here!

Application and Questions:

    • Please direct any questions to Megan Collins at education@kansascity.aiga.org.
    • Mentee spots are all full but there are still openings for Mentors! To apply, please fill out the appropriate form:


Application Deadline:

  • September 25
Published September 10, 2018