We need volunteers for Explore Design
We need volunteers to visit the Crossroads Academy to hang out with some school kids and talk about design. You’ll have fun helping students learn about typography by making candy letterforms. Yum! Students will then apply what they’ve learned to the visual branding of a hypothetical classroom. It’s a good time and true way to make an impact. All activities are already written out, we just need you there to guide and inspire the youngins!
Crossroads Academy, 1015 Central St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Monday, 5/22, 11:45-1:30
Tuesday, 5/23, 11:45-1:30
Wednesday, 5/24, 11:45-1:30
Thursday, 5/25, 11:45-1:30
YOU DON’T HAVE TO VOLUNTEER FOR ALL FOUR TIMES. Can do one or more based on availability.
Eric Winter
Published May 18, 2017